Angel to Forrest Gander

Dear Forrest Gander,

My name is Angel. I writed this letter because I have some questions and thoughts. I think that the poem is about work and the risk [there is inside] on his work, but he has passion for his work, he like it and enjoy it doing his work but the work that he has being doing for year is danger, a reason because I think in this way is because I saw people die doing the same job that José Cubero was doing. That's why I liked this amazing poem.

I noticed that this poem include metaphor, and you didn’t use simile. I think you used metaphor because are more useful for poems than simile.

The poem is amazing and sentimental, the way that the poem is writed is different from others poems.

I have some questions for this poem and for you. What was your inspiration for this amazing and sentimental poem? Did someone help you to make this poem? Do you like bulls, do the way how the poem is writed affect in how we need to read the poem?

Over all I chosed this poem because this poem remember me Mexico, and the big bulls. I hope you a grate life writing more amazing poems. Thank you to read this letter.

Grade 9
Richmond, California

Hola Angel!

Gracias por escribirme. Como usted, he vivido en México—en Dolores Hidalgo. Y tuve la oportunidad de ver corridas del toro—y usted también, sí? Tiene la suerte de hablar y escribir dos lenguas. En el futuro, su futuro, va a tener una ventaja, porque el mundo es internacional, y los negocios y empleadores van a buscar los que pueden dominar más que una lengua. Yo soy traductor también, pero probablemente puede corregir mis errores. Keep up your writing in both languages! Maybe you will write a book in English sometime. My poem is based on a true story of a famous bullfighter. When he died, thousands came to his funeral in Spain. Here’s an article about it.

Forrest Gander

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