Dear David St. John,

When I read your poem I was able to have an image of what you were saying. Some people use music to express their feelings, their thoughts. I personally use music to forget about problems. Music makes me happy because I love singing and I love dancing to the rhythms of the music.

I remember when I was younger I didn’t have much interest in music or in any instruments, but as I turned 15 I just had this feeling in me that I love music and that I love dancing and I like playing instruments. I got a guitar, but I don’t use it because I don’t know how to use it and I have nobody to teach me.

With music, you are able to express what you feel. Make lyrics of what you feel. Make songs of things that have happened to you. That is the reason why I love music because I can naturally feel the music and I can express my feelings. I like the quote “Heart, of those steel strings sliding / All night through the speaker of the car radio.” I like this quote from the poem because I understand it as how you can feel the music in your heart in your body while listening to it.

Through this poem, I wonder how you felt while writing the poem? What connects you to this poem? What does this poem mean to you?

It was a pleasure talking to you Mr. David. Have a good day.

Thank you,

Grade 9
Kansas City, Missouri

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