Dear Arthur Sze,

My name is Olivia Robertson. I am a freshman. I love to play volleyball, read, and learn new things at school.

I am writing about your poem “The Shapes of Leaves.” I love it when authors incorporate nature in poems because it is something everyone can relate to. Everyone has seen a leaf blowing in the wind gracefully, and the fresh dew on grass early in the morning. The only difference is if one can appreciate it. I love the outdoors, and I assume you do too.

After reading “The Shapes of Leaves,” I looked for more things you have written and found that you have written about 9 books, maybe more. That is very impressive. I liked parts of one book in particular, which was Compass Rose. I can really tell you are a man of nature by what you write about, and I admire that.

We have read a lot of things about nature in my American Literature class. We have written nature themed poems this month, nature themed bookmarks. We also read Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I really liked that story and the point it made about how only you can affect the way you see things.

Keep doing what you’re doing.


Grade 9
Cedar Grove, Wisconsin

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