Dear Arthur Sze,

My name is Beck and I’d like to send a letter to you detailing my opinions and questions on your work. I am a twelve-year-old boy who lives in Brooklyn, New York, in the USA. I go to a school for kids with learning disabilities and am in the sixth grade. My literacy group is currently doing a unit on poetry, and we got to choose one poet from the list of people on the Dear Poet 2017 list, and I chose you.

When I read your poem “The Shapes of Leaves” I felt a few different feelings about it. I really found it cool how all the leaves and emotions are so complex and sophisticated, which makes the poem fun to read! The second thing I liked about your poem is that it was confusing, but that’s good. You might be wondering: Why the heck is that good? It’s good because poetry isn’t supposed to be logical! It’s supposed to be true to the writer, and you made “The Shapes of Leaves” exactly that! The final thing I like about “The Shapes of Leaves” is that it’s so soft and relaxing in the way that each leaf is explained.

I also have a few questions about “The Shapes of Leaves.” So, I’ve noticed that most of your poems are about nature, do you feel in any way connected to it? As a child, who was your favorite poet? Who influenced you to be a writer and why? During your childhood, did you have any traumatic experiences? I’m only asking about this because in “The Shapes of Leaves,” you mentioned something about anger. I hope you can respond to me, and if you can thank you so much.

In Friendship,

Grade 6
Brooklyn, NY

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