Islam to Alicia Ostriker

Dear Alicia Ostriker,

I love your poem, “Utopian.” It has such a happy message. I think I like it most because it really hit home for some people. When reading your poem, it almost made me burst into tears because I felt the girl in your poem.


Grade 6
West Haven, Connecticut

Dear Islam,

Thank you for the lovely letter and drawing you sent after reading my poem "Utopian."  I loved your drawing of a castle with a palm tree for beauty, a strong gate for protection, and a knight on a horse for love and happiness. It's good to know that the fantasy of a happy place in my poem inspired one of your own, and that you felt you and others could identify with the need to imagine such a place.

You seem to be a very honest person.  Thank you for letting my poem reach your heart.


Alicia Ostriker

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