Dear Alicia Ostriker,

I come to ask about your poem "His Speed and Strength." I love this poem because it talks about the summer, and everything is peaceful. But I ask, who is the green hornet? I think it is a boy who likes to show off, and has lots of fun. In the poem, many nice things happen, but what feeling are you trying to show in the poem?

My favorite part of the poem is where the 'hornet' and he or she are racing. Also I like it when the boys are wrestling happily and not fighting like they are different.

Also, how do you read to an audience without being nervous? The things that go through my mind are: what if they don't like the poem? Or, what if they can't understand it? I have trouble sharing my work and need some help on that.

I hope to read more of your poems because I very much enjoy them! I think your poem shows lots of feeling and peace.


Grade 5
Brooklyn, IA

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