Dear Alberto Ríos from W. T.

Dear Mr. Ríos

I liked your poem: DON’T GO INTO THE LIBRARY!!! I loved it! It was a grat poem! You are a grat powet.


V. T.
Grade 1
Evanston, Illinois

Dear V. T.—

Thank you for your very nice words about the poem and about me being a good poet! 

But I love that you are an artist!  Your drawing was great to look at! 

What I love about your picture is that it is just the same as what I was writing about in the poem—In your picture I see someone at home, or maybe even behind bars, being sad or trapped, next to a big shadow or dark door. 

But, in the distance, there stands the library!  The answer!  The way out!  With lightning bolts on each side of its name! 

What this says to me is that whatever is dark and scary can be lit up brightly, brightly, brightly by the lightning, lightning, lightning of the library!  For every problem there is an answer somewhere. 

This is a great hope for the world.

Alberto Ríos

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