by Claire, 11
Joaquin Miller Middle School, Sunnyvale, California


The blue whale swims freely in the deep, dark ocean.
Deep and dark, it goes into, harmless and gracefully.
The blue whale is the largest, yet at the same time, a gentle and innocent creature living on the darkest corner of Earth.

The blue whale, oh leave it alone.
With hunters, trash, waste, and harmful oil spills, shouldn't this be enough?
Consider the blue whale.
People used it's habitat as a garbage dump.
Would you like it if you saw your own kind being dragged away... Forever?
The deepest, darkest, thing you'll ever see.
This innocent mammal is living it's own life,
Comes upon us,
The reason for endangering the blue whale.

With the snap of fingers,
The victorious cheer of hunters,
Coins stacking up,
The blue whale crying and moaning,
Men, have brought the blue whale,
To a close level of extinction.

Nobody really cares,
Mankind doesn't mind,
Man, "As long as it doesn't have to do with me, I don't care."
Blue whales were hunted their large quantities of baleen, blubber, and meat.
Mother Nature gave us the world,
Gave us all species,
So we could help each other,
Living in peacefulness.
Man hunting blue whales down doesn't qualify.

Blue whales, oh blue whales,
Blue whales, what so innocent, yet so endangered?
Oh why?

Written in Response to “Manatee/Humanity” by Anne Waldman