by Will Randick

The year is 2014, just as my favorite poet
is Ted Berrigan, just as my best friend is Amol
Mahal, or whoever I’ve talked to last, just
as my mother’s name is Kimberly, just as 
I wet the bed in early adolescence, just as
I don’t wear underwear, just as I burn
easily during the summer, just as I hate
the music of a few, just as I rarely
exercise, just as I am used to 
the word no, just as I eat cereal
every morning, just as Sprite is better
than 7up, just as I was raised Episcopalian,
just as my parents voted for Bush, twice, just
as I lost my virginity at 16, just as I look
better in person, just as I forget to floss,
just as I am a night person, just as I 
was born in July, just as I have a crush
on the whole world, just as I am unsure
of my sexuality, just as I have a good memory,
just as I live vicariously through 
strangers on the internet, just as I have
too many vices, just as the deodorant I wear
is giving me alzheimer’s, just as I need to be
more grateful, just as I am guilty of
stealing, just as I have never been 
involved in an orgy, just as college is somewhat
disappointing, just as I will turn 21 this 
year, just as I love to be a passenger, just
as I need to tell the living I love them more,
just as I want to stay young forever, just
as I am tall, just as I can feel the earth
when it moves, just as that same earth moves
around me, just as I am insecure with my dreams,
just as I wrote a song about Molly Soda
in high school, just as I still sleep
with a blanket sometimes, just as I was a chubby
baby, just as bananas are my favorite fruit, just
as my dad’s ex wife died mysteriously, just as I 
snuck into an R-Rated movie  when I was in
7th grade, just as I still don’t know why
Kapi’olani dislikes me, just as I poured dirt 
over Jake’s dad’s casket, just as I was once
a raver, just as I have asthma, just as I smoked
DMT on my mom’s birthday, just
as I have no tattoos, just as I like
junk food, just as I made out with a stranger inside
Taco Bell, just as I am a poser, just as I 
feel exceptional, just as I hold imaginary
concerts in private, just as
I have the capability to surrender
to your new holy love.