World Verses: An Evening of International Poetry

Join poets from across the world for a momentous and far-reaching evening of poetry, from the debut work of Maori poet Tayi Tibble, who announces herself in Poukahangatus as a major new voice, to the exquisite lyricism of Paul Tran (All the Flowers Kneeling). They are joined by Greek poet Phoebe Giannisi (Cicada), Japanese novelist/poet Mieko Kawakami (All the Lovers in the Night, Breasts and Eggs)St. Lucia-born Ontario writer and editor Canisia Lubrin (The Dyzgraphxst), Ukrainian poets and translators Halyna Kruk and Iya Kivaand, and Chilean poet and novelist Alejandro Zambra (Chilean PoetMultiple Choice), for an unforgettable night of readings and reflections on the gift of poetry. The special evening will be hosted by award-winning poet and facilitator Jon Sands (It’s Not Magic). ASL interpretation provided by Pro Bono ASL.