Woman Life Freedom: a reading by iranian writers & translators

as iranians commemorate the one-year anniversary of the killing of Mahsa-Jina Amini in september and the Woman Life Freedom revolutionary uprising enters its second year, we hope to invite you to a reading of iranian literature.

a group of iranian and hyphenated iranian writers and translators will come together from across the globe to read not their own work but literary creations by their fellow contemporary iranian writers, poets, and artmakers, those less-known to a non-iranian audience.

horizontal collaborations and grassroots resistance as well as language and the arts have played pivotal roles in the protests of iranian citizens against the regime over the years, but especially in the past year with the Woman Life Freedom movement.

in the same spirit, we are gathering not to celebrate ourselves, but to support one another and build and expand our literary community, both among iranians and non-iranians. through gestures of solidarity and creativity, we hope to present to you more nuanced and diverse examples of iranian literature with its aesthetics and its intersections with sociopolitical issues.

a complete list of readers is forthcoming.