Wendy Lotterman & Violet Spurlock

The poems in Wendy Lotterman and Violet Spurlock’s new books “curl into ringlets of love and disgust” (Lotterman), circling rather than resolving questions about friendship, eros, embodiment, and risk, divining a language where “the words we use are the words we need” (Spurlock).

Wendy Lotterman's first book of poetry, A Reaction to Someone Coming In, was published by Futurepoem in 2023. They are an associate editor of Parapraxis, a magazine of psychoanalysis and politics, as well as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Oslo.

Violet Spurlock is a writer living in Berkeley, CA. She is the author of In Lieu of Solutions (Futurepoem, 2023), which was the recipient of the Other Futures Award, as well as Alloyed Bliss (Eyelet, 2021) and VS VS VS (GaussPDF, 2021).