TAKING POETRY TO THE STREETS! Kew Gardens 3rd Annual Poem In Your Pocket Day

This April 22nd, we will celebrate the beauty and impact that poetry can have on our community. With a microphone placed on the sidewalk, we will amplify the power of words on the streets of Kew Gardens by combining performances by local poets and surprised readings by unsuspecting passers-by. Kids of all ages will also have a special place on Grenfell Street to experience the thrill of tapping into their imagination with words and art and then stepping up to the microphone if they'd like to. 

You are invited to bring along an original or favorite poem to share. Don't have one? We'll have a binder full of poems for you to choose from.

2023 is the 21st Anniversary of Poem In Your Pocket Day established by NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs & Education.