Scissortail Creative Writing Festival: Day 1

Since 2005, East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma has hosted the Scissortail Creative Writing Festival on the first weekend in April.

The three-day festival typically hosts feature presentations from more than 50 regional, published and emerging authors.

Over the years, at least 12 state poet laureates, 3 national poet laureates, at least 10 National Book Award winners/runnersup from various organizations, at least 6 National Western Heritage Award winners, and at least two Pulitzer prize winners have presented at the Festival.

The Scissortail Creative Writing Festival also features Oklahoma’s most prestigious high school creative writing competition. The annual Darryl Fisher Creative Writing Contest, which began in 2004, is open to all state high school students submitting poetry or short works of fiction.

All sessions are free and open to the public.


19th AnnualScissortail Creative Writing Festival
April 4 - 6, 2024
East Central University
Ada, Oklahoma 

Thursday, April 4

I. 9:30 – 10: 45 Estep Auditorium 

Tina Carlson: Santa Fe, New Mexico
A Guide to Tongue Tie Surgery
Walter Bargen: Ashland, Missouri
Down the Rabbit Hole of War
Mark Walling: East Central University
One Dalmatian 

II. 11:00 – 12: 10 Estep Auditorium

Alvin Turner: Arvada, Colorado
From the Desk (2023)
Wendy Dunmeyer: Lawton, Oklahoma
Importance of Words
Alan Berecka: Sinton, Texas
Selected Poems 

III. 11:00 - 12:10 Regents Room

Clarence Wolfshohl: Fulton, Missouri
Lo, the Gods
Sally Rhoades: Albany, New York
When the Roses are in Bloom
Josh Grasso: East Central University
The Domovoi

IV. 11:00 – 12:10 Boswell Chapel

Lyman Grant: Harrisonburg, Virginia
November Constellation
Keely Record: Tulsa, Oklahoma
From Here
Brady Peterson: Belton, Texas
Letters from the Edge of the Round Earth 

*** Lunch ***

V. 2:10 – 3:20 Estep Auditorium

Leah Chaffins: Cameron University
Army Brats & other poems
Audell Shelburne: Northeastern State University
A Fine Line: Art, Literature, & Life
Robert Wynne: Burleson, Texas
Popsicles, Paintings & Poetry 

VI. 2:10 – 3:20 Regents Room

Marc DiPaolo: SWOSU
Ballad of a Dago Okie
Sharon Edge Martin: Oilton, Oklahoma
No Boundaries
Britton Morgan: Wagoner, Oklahoma
Song of the Red 46 

VII. 3:30 – 4:40 Estep Auditorium

Tom Murphy: Corpus Christi, Texas
Site 13
Ann Howells: Carrollton, Texas
Specters and Other Visitors
Bill McCloud: Rogers State University
The Illusionist’s Assistant 

VIII. 3:30 – 4:40 Regents Room

Shaun Perkins: Locust Grove, OK
Paul Austin: Norman, Oklahoma
Plopping Down Steep Hill
Christopher Soden: Dallas, Texas
Swaddling, and other poems 

IX. 7:00 – 8:30 Estep Auditorium

Featuring: Kai Coggin
(Authors’ Reception – Polo’s Restaurant)