Saturday Poetry at Brooklyn Public Library

Welcome to join us at the Central Library for a distinctive poetry event curated by Wang Yin and hosted by Clara Francesca. Immerse yourself in an afternoon of poetry, passion, and delightful surprises, complemented by the musical talents of John Tsung. Renowned multicultural poets from the world of poetry and publications will showcase their latest works. This gathering not only upholds Brooklyn's rich poetic tradition but also ushers in the New Year with boundless enthusiasm.

Featuring readings by:

Omotara James, Emily Wallis Hughes, Liuyu Ivy Chen, Soren Stockman, Jiaoyang Li, Lee Ann Brown, Wan Xia, Natasha Rao, Wang Jiaxin, Matt Turner, Jang Jian, Madeleine Mori, Wang Yin, Yuxi Lin, and Clara Francesca.

Registration is required.