Riverfront Readings with Ida Bettis Fogle and Polly Alice McCann

Please join us for our November 13th Zoom reading featuring Ida Bettis Fogle and Polly Alice McCann. To attend, please register for the reading here, and you will be provided with the information needed to join the reading.

Ida Bettis Fogle grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, a city she will always love. For the past quarter century, she has made her home in Columbia, Missouri. She has been writing poetry since childhood. In 2019, she completed the goal of reading every work of William Shakespeare. Ida's poems, stories and essays have appeared in a variety of publications, including Thema, Well Versed, Eternal as a Weed: Tales of Ozark Experience, and Boundless: An Anthology of Prose. She always has too many works in progress, and has recently finished the first draft of a novel. She blogs sporadically at nomadic-noesis.blog.

Polly Alice McCann poet, artist, dreamer began writing poetry after a cold winter night in the desert with only a book for her pillow. She studied poetry under Julia Kasdorf and Christine Perrin at Messiah College where she received her BA in Studio Art. After her MFA in Writing from Hamline University in St. Paul, with an emphasis in poetry and short fiction, her poetry was published internationally in journals such as Naugatuck River and arc24 in Tel Aviv and elsewhere. Polly's art has been published in US newspapers and magazines, most recently in Rattle magazine. An adjunct writing professor and creative consultant at pollymccann.com, she is also the founder and manager of Flying Ketchup Press. She credits much of her creative work to her research on dreams and the subconscious writing process which won her the 2014 Ernest Hartmann award from Berkeley, CA. Find her books of narrative free verse, Kinlight, Tea with Alice, and Puss 'N Boötes online. Her art has been published in US newspapers and magazines and is showing internationally. She says her favorite thing is to tell stories--other people's, her own--maybe yours.