A Reading with Saturnalia Books Poets

This panel will feature new work by Saturnalia Books authors Kayleb Rae Candrilli (2019 Whiting Award winner), Timothy LiuKristi Maxwell, and Alexis Ivy. Winner of the Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, Candrilli’s second full-length, All the Gay Saints, is a collection of trans joy and resilience. Focused on love, partnership, and cultivating the landscape of one’s own body, All the Gay Saints, seeks happiness in a world saturated with transphobia, and marred by climate change. At the height of his powers, Liu's twelfth book of poems, Let It Ride, integrates life's struggles at midlife by way of disintegration. What's left behind are lyrical traces, poetry a gambol, love a gamble, you're either all in or all out. These poems argue for a life that is more than amusement—rather, a mythic venture waiting to be embodied, embarked upon. Ecopoetic at its core, Maxwell's My My is concerned about the world (“that abundant stray”) and scrutinizes the messiness of humans’ relationships to each other and to the nonhuman—how acts of seeing can lift up or erase. My My operates under the sign of “or,” testing out alternatives and revisions in the hopes of landing on a truth that can be lived with. Taking the Homeless Census, Ivy's second poetry collection and Editor's Choice selection for the Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, begins with her award-winning crown of sonnets concerning her work with the homeless community. This 15-sonnet sequence captures the vulnerable moments of shared humanity. The remaining poems are a heartfelt response to the crown, splintering the poet's relationship with her lifework while questioning the definition of home.