A Reading with Laurance Wieder

Join us for an afternoon with author Laurance Wieder, who will be reading from his books After Adam, Isaiah’s Closing Arguments, and Poetry History Music Art. This event will be free and open to the public.

After Adam is a prosimetrum, a story told in prose and verse. Mortality is its theme. Populated by rabbis, storytellers, mystics, poets, travelers and philosophers, each chapter in this Old Testament saga corresponds with a Sabbath portion of Moses’s five books, as written in the Hebrew Bible.

Isaiah’s sacred poetry transcends place, time, and doctrine. Isaiah’s Closing Arguments is a new translation of all fourteen of the prophet’s farewells to the Torah scroll read on Sabbath mornings, plus four messages delivered on special occasions.

The 23 essays in Poetry History Music Art were published over the last quarter-century. They form a caravan of exiles and messiahs, poets and scholars, novelists and travelers, composers and artists assembled by the written word—that human thing which lasts.

Laurance Wieder is a widely published poet and independent scholar. Laurance and his wife, Andrea Korotky, moved to Charlottesville from New York in 2002. Over nine years (2005–2014) they collaborated on PoemSite, a roadside art and poetry installation in front of their home in Fry’s Spring. Laurance has worked as an editor, essayist, and anthologist, and has taught at Cornell, the Yale University School of Music, and the University of Virginia. He was also a Lincoln Center Institute staff artist. His editing for Camera Arts Magazine won the National Magazine Award for General Excellence.