Radical Voices: The 'Otherness' of Feminism

4thU Artivists, a New York City-based benefit performance group, will present their Fall ONLINE production, on November 7 at 8 pm., "Radical Voices: The 'Otherness' of Feminism", directed by Mercedes Vasquez, who lends her unique voice, perspective, and experience to this empowering presentation. The evening is a curated reading interwoven with dance, music performance and a narrator to highlight the theme of Systemic Trauma for the most marginalized in our societies. Poems, essays, dance and music will be incorporated from a variety of feminist literary & musical sources spotlighting intersectionality, and the work yet to be done. Performance benefits Sakhi for South Asian Women, and Legal Momentum. Tickets ($5-$500) available soon on Eventbrite. Check social media accounts: 4thU Artivists on - Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, or www.4thuartivists.com, for more information.