Poets in Pajamas featuring Dania Ayah Alkhouli

Join us for our 128th Poets in Pajamas reading featuring Dania Ayah Alkhouli.

Dania Ayah Alkhouli (a.k.a. Lady Narrator) is a Syrian writer, blogger, poet, editor, and author, born and raised in Southern California. Alkhouli earned her B.A. in Sociology and her M.A. in Public Policy & Administration from Cal State Long Beach. She published her debut book at 19, titled 91 at 19. In 2017 she released her second poetry book, Oceans & Flames, a collection of poetry shedding light on her experience with, and survival of, domestic violence. Her work has been featured in four anthologies. Alkhouli’s work centers on feminism, mental health, sexuality, identity, culture, religion, her war-torn homeland, Syria, and on grief, loss, and death. She has been featured on Buzzfeed and Jubilee Media, and has performed across national venues such as Da Poetry Lounge in Los Angeles, House Slam in Boston, and Busboys & Poets in D.C. In 2012, Alkhouli and her mother cofounded the nonprofit organization, A Country Called Syria, a traveling exhibition and set of events showcasing the history and culture of their country. Early 2020, Alkhouli released her third poetry book, Contortionist Tongue, with Moon Tide Press, a collection weaving into words the experience of being a Muslim Syrian woman in today’s socio-political climate. You can follow her on social media at @lady_narrator and @acountrycalledsyria.

If you would like to request a copy of the poems to be read for accessibility purposes, please email [email protected].