Poetry Workshop with Kayla Harris

Join this group to discuss and edit your poems! Participants will read their poems aloud, receive feedback from others, and work towards a peer-reviewed version. Improve your writing style and original poems for publication, open mic performances, or art for art’s sake.

Come with an open mind, kindness, and a sharp eye for language. A workshop is when a group engages in intensive discussion and activity on a subject. We will focus on original poems from participants in the group. The author will read their poem. Then the group can ask questions and express what they enjoyed or parts that stuck out to them about the poem. This session will focus on the narrative created by language through rhythm, tone, stanzas, line, and other creative writing techniques. We will also discuss how spoken word and performance accompany a poem’s language.

Please bring copies of your poem for everyone to read along. Also, bring a pen and a notebook if you want to take notes. Kayla Harris, a published poet, will lead the discussion. Collaboration from the group and opinions from other poets is key. The experience of working with other creatives to create a connection and make your writing stronger is invaluable!