Poetic People Power - The Eco Rise

Poetic People Power will present its new show The Eco Rise on Earth Day. The show shines a spotlight on environmental heroes who have worked in their communities locally or at an international level to advocate for the well-being of people and the planet. Through the power of spoken word, poets bring these community leaders and their stories to the public, reminding audiences that positive change starts with the everyday person.

Poets include Suzen Baraka, Tara Bracco, Philippe Garcesto, Karla Jackson-Brewer, Shetal Shah, and Nabil Viñas, with guest artists Anish Jethmalani and Erica R. DeLaRosa. 

For 19 years, Poetic People Power has used the expressive art of poetry to explore social and political topics, offering insights and solutions to issues that affect our everyday lives. Celebrate Earth Day and National Poetry Month by joining Poetic People Power for this online event!

Funding made possible by the Puffin Foundation.