Penny Arcade, Lonely Christopher, and John Istona

Penny Arcade Susana Ventura is an internationally respected performance artist, writer, poet, & theater maker. Her text-based work investigates the outsider in society & the boundaries between theatre & performance. She has contributed to new art forms every decade for 50 years & occupies a unique position in the American avant-garde.

Lonely Christopher is the author of the poetry collections Death & Disaster Series & The Resignation, the short story collection The Mechanics of Homosexual Intercourse, & the novel THERE. His plays have been presented in Canada, China, & the United States. His film credits include several interna- tional shorts & the feature MOM, which he wrote & directed.

John Istona is a writer & performance artist based in Connecticut. A Bard graduate & former intern of Diamanda Galás, his work incorporates extended vocal technique & focuses on themes of queer erotic transcendence.

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