Nomadic Signals with Marwa Helal & Saint Abduallah, hosted by Leyya Tawil in collaboration with ISSUE Project Room

The Poetry Project partners with ISSUE to present 2020 Suzanne Fiol Curatorial Fellow Leyya Tawil’s second program in the NOMADIC SIGNALS series, featuring the NYC debut of a new trio formed by poet Marwa Helal and musicians Saint Abdullah. NOMADIC SIGNALS is a vessel for sonic performance operating in what Tawil refers to as the “diasporic imaginary,” a description of how sounds change in the diaspora: how they tether to their environment, accumulate, synthesize, and adapt at each location. The brothers of music duo Saint Abdullah and poet Marwa Helal meet in the liminal. Their histories and journeys weave as they project the sounds and words of missing a missing Middle East.