Nile Harris & Andrew Smyth

Across disciplines and modes, Nile Harris and Andrew Smyth study how cultural and linguistic histories move through bodies, and how bodies move through those histories, both on the page and in time, in words and in steps and in sounds. “I am in the practice of embodied experimentation and envision a world that values experimentation as a means to radically re-imagine the world that we live in,” Harris explains. Both Harris and Smyth reach towards another world, another commons, another living experiment.

Featuring a guest introduction by Myung Mi Kim.

Nile is a performer and director of live works of art. He has done a few things and hopes to do a few more, God willing.

Andrew J. Smyth investigates the sociolinguistic, psychosexual, and choreographic registers of dispossession under global capitalism. He received his MFA in poetry from the Iowa Writers' Workshop and is currently a doctoral candidate in English at the University of Pennsylvania. His writing has been published in Notes on the School for Temporary Liveness, and he has collaborated on performances with Post Consumer Material. He lives in Brooklyn.

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