Mudfish Poets Reading: Jill Hoffman and Dell Lemmon

Join us for an exhilarating reading from the two latest books from the Mudfish Individual Poets Series (Box Turtle Press): Single Woman by Dell Lemmon and The Gates of Pearl by Jill Hoffman.
With her unmistakeable voice and her sure storytelling, Dell Lemmon's poems rise out of her people, her places, her paradoxical but surprisingly accurate thinking. Her debut collection, Single Woman, questions everything - a shadowed family history, the suicides of beloved artists, a crush on a younger man, political oppression, inevitable aging and loss - with tremendous energy, pleasure, and intimacy. 
The Gates of Pearl is a mother/daughter saga, unlike any other, ambitious and relentless. It is a story of family and grief told in two voices as the author's mother, Pearly, confesses her most private self to her grown child. Jill Hoffman alternates poems about her mother with her mother's diary entries and telephone poems chronicling the time leading up to her mother's death from cancer. Overeating, divorce, sexual frustration, give way to the healing power of writing and the beauty of poetry.