Monica A. Hand's DIVIDA Book Launch

Join us as we celebrate the launch of the late Monica A. Hand's poetry collection, DIVIDA, with guest readers and a cocktail reception at the I, Too Arts Collective.

Reading this evening will be LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, JP Howard, Tyehimba Jess, Anne Marie Macari, Yesenia Montilla and Nicole Sealey.

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"DiVida stands as a timeless presence burdened by the injustices of systemic racism. Her power is rooted in black women’s ability, born of necessity, to inhabit their bodies in multiple ways."
Publishers Weekly

DiVida: divided? DiVida: of life? The imaginary character who carries the name and sings her life is both DiVida and Sapphire, who sometimes replies to her musings, as one voice speaking for a universe of black women. Like syncopated masks, the voices of Hand’s book offer a new sense of double-consciousness. Her untimely death at the zenith of her career lends the last few poems, which anticipate death, a special fullness and poignancy.”
—Marilyn Nelson

“Monica Hand was brave. She headed into language with an arsenal of knowledge, curiosity, rage, desire and came out with the spoils. DIVIDA is a collection showcasing her deep knowledge of American culture and contemporary poetics with her authoritative use of the Black vernacular, as she crosses boundaries of race, gender, class in search of a liberated self. That she riffs John Berryman’s Dream Songs is but one of her many transgressions. Orgasmic, self-lacerating, wicked-ass funny (oh Sapphire), these poems add to the powerful, blues driven truths of ME AND NINA. With this posthumous collection, Alice James has done her legacy well.”
—Patricia Spears Jones