"The Life of a Fur Trader" Poetry Contest

"Life of a Fur Trader" Poetry Contest is accepting entries from now through June 8, 2017. 1st Prize $150.00, 2nd Prize $75.00, and 3rd Prize $25.00 will be awarded on July 8, 2017, at the colorful Fur Trade Days in Chadron, Nebraska. The presentation of awards will be followed an open mic for poets.

This poetry contest/open mic is a partnership between the Nebraska Writers Guild, thebDawes County Travel Board, and the Department of English and Humanities at Chadron State College.

Poems can address any aspect of “The Life of a Fur Trader"  - historic, modern, professional, personal, their families, or their culture/society. Submission Deadline: June 8th, 2017. Up to three poems may be entered per poet (maximum length – 3 pages per poem).

Send entries in pdf format to  [email protected]

Entries fee is $5.00 per poem. For credit cards or PayPal use nebraskawriters.org. If needed both the poetry and the entry fees may be mailed to Nebraska Writers Guild, 642 North Broadwell Ave., Grand Island, NE 68803.

Have further questions? Contact Wayne Anson at [email protected] or (308) 227-3221.

Winners not present for the awards forfeit the cash designated for their prize.