Great Weather Presents Spoken Word Sundays NYC

Hosted by David Lawton
Plus open mic, 21+
Jennifer Juneau has published numerous short stories and poems in journals such as the American Poetry Journal, Cincinnati Review, Evergreen Review, Off The Coast, Pank Magazine, Passages North, Portland Review, Seattle Review, Verse Daily, and elsewhere. She has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize for Fiction, The Million Writers Award and a Sundress Best of the Net award. She has won two prizes from the California State Poetry Society and her poetry collection, More Than Moon, was a finalist in the National Poetry Series. Jennifer has lived and traveled in Europe for over a decade where she became a sports journalist. Her articles have appeared in the Bleacher Report, 90:00 Soccer Magazine and Fox News Sports.
Rick Mullin is a poet, painter and journalist whose poetry has appeared in The New Criterion, American Arts Quarterly, Measure, Epiphany, Unsplendid, and other journals, as well as in several anthologies including Rabbit Ears: TV Poems (New York Quarterly Press), and Meta-Lands (Poets of the Palisades). His books include Huncke, a romp through the American end-game inspired by Beat progenitor Herbert Huncke, published by Seven Towers, Dublin, Ireland, in 2010; and Soutine, a terza-rima life of the Belorussian painter Chaim Soutine published by Dos Madres Press in 2012. His Sonnets from the Voyage of the Beagle has since been published by Dos Madres, as have his collections, Coelacanth, Stignatz and the User of Vicenza, and Transom, which debuted earlier this year. His two chapbooks are Aquinas Flinched (Exot Books, New York, 2008) and the Stones Jones Canzones (Finishing Line Press, Germantown, KY, 2013).