Flowersong Press Presents: Briana Muñoz w/ guests Kim Shuck & Christina Lux

Book Celebration of: Everything is Returned to the Soil/ Todo Vuelve a la Tierra

Briana Muñoz is a writer from Southern California. She is the author of Loose Lips, a poetry collection published by Prickly Pear Publishing (2019) and of Everything is Returned to the Soil published by FlowerSong Press (2021). Her work has been published in the Dryland Literary Journal, in Boundless: The Anthology of the Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival, in the Oakland Arts Review, the Bravura Literary Journal, among others.

Kim Shuck is a silly protein. Solo author of eight books, Shuck was the seventh Poet Laureate of San Francisco. The latest of her books, Exile Heart is available from That Painted Horse Press, a small Indigenous imprint. 

Christina Lux's poetry has appeared in venues ranging from National Public Radio to The Houston Chronicle; her poems on war, wildfires, typhoons, hurricanes, and the pandemic have appeared in a dozen other newspapers, journals, and books. She is currently Associate Director of the Center for the Humanities at the University of California, Merced.