Brooklyn Poets Poetry Festival

Join us for the first annual Brooklyn Poets Poetry Festival from May 25 to 27 at 144 Montague Street or via Zoom, for workshops, craft talks, panels and readings!

In the mornings, Leigh Stein, Jason Koo, Lynn Melnick, Marwa Helal, Cea and Candace Williams will lead workshops devoted to writing new material, developing process or publishing work. In the afternoons, Jericho Brown, Eugenia Leigh and Edward Hirsch will lead craft labs and talks, and participants will get the chance to read their own work during open mics. Afternoon sessions will conclude with panels on journal publishing (Jordan Myers, Meghan O’Rourke, Emma Sheinbaum, Alexandra Watson); book publishing (Roberto Carlos Garcia, Joanna Fuhrman, Rachel Levitsky, Stephen Motika); and professionalizing as a writer without an MFA (Kyle Liang, Anthony Thomas Lombardi, Cindy Tran, Candace Williams). In the evenings, festival teachers and panelists will give featured readings from their work.