BOA Is Here Virtual Poetry Salon

Nonprofit literary publisher BOA Editions will host a virtual poetry salon on Tuesday, April 28, at 8 PM Eastern for National Poetry Month. The salon will feature pre-recorded poetry readings by seven contemporary American poets who have recently published new books with BOA Editions. The recordings will be made available via BOA Editions Facebook and YouTube

Highlights will include readings by:

Debut author Diana Marie Delgado (Tracing the Horse)

A. Poulin, Jr. Poetry Prize-winner Matt Morton (Improvisation Without Accompaniment)

CantoMundo co-founder Deborah Paredez (Year of the Dog)

James Laughlin Award-winner Kathryn Nuernberger (Rue)

Rick Bursky (Let’s Become a Ghost Story)

Levis Poetry Prize-winner John Gallaher (Brand New Spacesuit)

Cyborg and disability-rights activist Jillian Weise (Cyborg Detective)

BOA Editions, Ltd. is one of America’s premier independent publishers of contemporary poetry and literary fiction. Founded in 1976 by A. Poulin, Jr. to provide a venue for both new and established poets, BOA has released more than 300 titles, including more than 40 first collections of poetry. Many BOA titles and authors have been recognized with literary awards, including the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry.