45th UCR Writers Week Festival: Kimberly Guerrero, Kalani Queypo, & Elizabeth Frances

45th Annual Writers Week Festival 2022: Writers Week is the longest-running, free literary event in California and features the most renowned authors of our day alongside those at the start of promising careers.

February 12 and 14-18, 2022

Downloadable posters & info at https://writersweek.ucr.edu/schedule22 

Online. Free and open to the public. Captioned & ASL interpreted. Register here or on any session time.

Kimberly Guerrero, Kalani Queypo, & Elizabeth Frances

Wednesday, February 16th
SESSION 2: Film / Script - Kimberly Guerrero, Kalani Queypo & Elizabeth Frances

Kimberly Guerrero (IMDb): Associate Professor at University of California, Riverside

Kalani Queypo - Musicals: Missing Peace

Elizabeth Frances - Clips