44th UCR Writers Week: Francisco Aragón

44th Annual Writers Week Conference 2021: Writers Week is the longest-running, free literary event in California and features the most renowned authors of our day alongside those at the start of promising careers. February 13 and 16-20, 2021.

Session 1: Join Francisco Aragón, Director of Letras Latinos at University of Notre Dame and author of After Rubén (Red Hen Press, 2020) for a special presentation for Puente Project.

UCR's Puente Connection student organization provides Puente Project participants, or “Puentistas,” with more opportunities to connect with UCR and build leadership skills. It's the first of its kind in the UC system and provides continual support to Puentistas who enroll at UCR. Puente Connection's network of admissions counselors and Puente Peer Mentors help students earn the UC degree they've always wanted! Support includes academic guidance, application assistance and help for a smooth transition to UCR. It's free, open to all students and services as a resource to help participants reach their academic and professional goals.