April 24, 2015

Dear Toi Derricotte,

I love the poem you made called "For Telly The Fish." It is great inspiration for me because I once had a fish named Leon and I was really close to it like you were to Telly. I think its cool that you made a poem to one of your pets unlike a lot of people. I really like the things you said about Telly the Fish and how much you loved him. I also made my own poem about my fish.

I have some questions for you.

1. Is Telly actually your pet?
2. What type of fish is he?
3. How long did he live?

Thank you for reading my letter and my poem I hope you make more successful poems.


Grade 6
Sacramento, CA


This is my poem called Leon the fish

Leon the fish you were so cute
so joyful
everyday I came home from school
put a smile on my face.
The light would trick me
when you were different colors
then one day my heart sank
when you were tipped like a boat on its side
so I took you
and down
                          down you went.

dear poet letters