Dear Marilyn Hacker,

I enjoyed your poem “Rune of the Finland Woman.” I liked it because you described a brave, determined, caring, and kind friend or hero someone would love to have. I also liked the way you used the line “she can bind the winds of the world in a single strand” from “The Snow Queen.” I think this line described a powerful person that can do many great things. One of my favorite lines was “she could mend an engine with a sewing pin,” which to me sounded very bizarre and unbelievable.

To be honest, I thought I wouldn’t like to read most of the poems in the packet I read, but I ended up understanding them and liking them. Your poem was one of my favorites and I now like poetry. You are a great poet and deserve to be in the Academy of American Poets.

Yours Truly,

Grade 6
West Haven, CT

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