April 30, 2015

C. D. Wright
Academy of American Poets
75 Maiden Lane, Suite 901
New York, NY 10038

Dear Ms. C. D. Wright,

Good morning my name is Dominic and I am a Middle School student in California. I am taking a Creative Writing class as an elective. I have read an abundance of poetry this year. One of the poems I have read was your poem titled "Like Hearing Your Name Called in a Language You Don't Understand."

I am writing this letter to you because I have been reading and reviewing your work and so far yours has been the most interesting. Some of the figurative language I have noticed is the simile you use in your poem: "I felt lonelier than a clod of clay." The reason this simile stood out to me is because of the comparison you made between the clod and the clay. Moreover, there was another line that struck me it was how your whole title of the poem was a simile. Moreover, the word lectern was one of the words that took a while to analyze as well as forlorn, and pellucid.

It was not right away that I realized what the message was, it took an abundance of analyzing throughout the poem but when I did it was very clear that the message was the experience in Mexico and how the poem is just experience in itself along with how you explained the surroundings and the situation that was happening.  

What is it like to be such an important writer and to write such amazing poems that many people would want to read? Do you have to be in a quiet room to write your poems? What would be your expressions if you were a role model to kids in Pico Rivera? What is your voice as a writer? What is your voice in poetry? It is yet to come that my letter is almost done but before I must tell you what my voice is as a young writer. My voice as a young writer would be enthusiastic because the happy life I live. 


Grade 8
Pico Rivera, CA

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