by Hana Mansur

Boys are easy,

Give them a squeeze

of the arm, or a twitch of a smile,

and they’ll spend that night making love to you

in their dreams.

Boys are quick,

they’re quick to fall,

they like to fall

down fifty flights of stairs to be where you are.

They like to fall into water

from the top of a twelve story building,

so the water feels like concrete.

Boys are simple,

they don’t think about whether you have a career path,

have a passion for something real,

or like to travel.


As long as you have somewhat of a symmetrical face,

you pass.

And you pass with flying sparks.

You find these sparks

with many men,

and when their rough fingers

intertwine with yours,

reason leaves you.

You forget to pull out the checklist

to make sure he has a career path,

has a passion for something real,

and likes to travel.

You forget about that checklist,

until you find it

buried under your mail a week later.

Then you realize the stag,

is really a ferret,

and you, the hunter,

will have to let your prey go.

You’ve watched them limp away,

one by one,

and you tell yourself you didn’t mean to hurt them,

that you’re just a girl with a head

and a heart,

and while the arrows last,

you’d like to use every one.

It only works though,

when they keep coming around.

It doesn’t work if they bury themselves

when they hear you coming,

when they recognize

the twang

of your bow.