My friend tree
I sawed you down
but I must attend
an older friend
the sun

From The Granite Pail: The Selected Poems of Lorine Niedecker published by North Point Press. Copyright © 1985 by the estate of Lorine Niedecker. Reprinted by permission of Cid Corman. All rights reserved.

is a field 

             as long as the butterflies say 

                                                                       it is a field 

with their flight

                                         it takes a long time 

to see

                         like light or sound or language

                                                                                      to arrive

and keep 

                                       we have more

than six sense dialect

                                                                      and i

am still

              adjusting to time

                              the distance and its permanence

i have found my shortcuts

                             and landmarks

                                                          to place

where i first took form

                                                                                           in the field

Copyright © 2022 by Marwa Helal. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on October 3, 2022, by the Academy of American Poets.