Sole Positive of Night!
               Antipathist of Light!
Fate's only essence! primal scorpion rod—
The one permitted opposite of God!—
Condensed blackness and abysmal storm
        Compacted to one sceptre
                 Arms the Grasp enorm—
                    The Interceptor—
The Substance that still casts the shadow Death!—
        The Dragon foul and fell—
            The unrevealable,
And hidden one, whose breath
Gives wind and fuel to the fires of Hell!—
            Ah! sole despair
        Of both th'eternities in Heaven!
Sole interdict of all-bedewing prayer,
            The all-compassionate!
        Save to the Lampads Seven
Reveal'd to none of all th'Angelic State,
        Save to the Lampads Seven,
        That watch the throne of Heaven!

This poem is in the public domain.