(“I hold it as a fundamental principle and so do you, that every people has the right to determine its own form of government. And until recently 50 per cent. of the people in Mexico have not had a look-in in determining who should be their governors, or what their government should be.”—Speech of President Wilson.)

Wise and just man—for such I think you are—
How can you see so burningly and clear
Injustices and tyrannies afar,
Yet blind your eyes to one that lies so near?
How can you plead so earnestly for men
Who fight their own fight with a bloody hand;
How hold their cause so wildly dear, and then
Forget the woman of your native land?
With your stern ardor and your scholar’s word
You speak to us of human liberty;
Can you believe that women are not stirred
By this same human longing to be free?
    He who for liberty would strike a blow
    Need not take arms, or fly to Mexico.

This poem is in the public domain.