Poet Laureate of Philadelphia, PA

Year Title
2022 Poet Laureate of Philadelphia, PA


In 2022, Airea D. Matthews was named an Academy of American Poets Laureate Fellow. Matthews will establish a Philadelphia speaker’s bureau that identifies Philadelphia-area writers and matches them with potential reading opportunities. The model of the speaker’s bureau is equity-based and all published writers can participate. The system for matching will be online and accessible to all potential contractors. Mathews’s second project, “Re/Vision,” a public/private collaboration between Lamar Advertising, Philadelphia Contemporary, and the Free Library of Philadelphia, will use billboards and digital projection to showcase excerpts of poetry from established writers with ties to the areas in Philadelphia that have been greatly impacted by violence. For twelve months, beginning in December of 2022, the messages will rotate monthly across the city and will direct people to visit local branches of the Free Library of Philadelphia. The goal for these engagements with poetry is to offer moments of contemplation and to increase poetry readership among a new generation.