The Academy of American Poets, the producer of, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with The Southern Review to share poems published in the influential Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based journal. Launching today, a sampler of poems from The Southern Review's Spring 2017 issue are now accessible to’s many millions of readers.

Poets with work featured are Lindsey D. Alexander, Stephen Gibson, Leah Naomi Green, Jeff Hardin, Patricia Hooper, Mark Irwin, Michael McFee, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, David Petruzelli, Catherine Pierce, Charles Rafferty, Elizabeth Rees, Cathie Sandstrom, Carrie Shipers, R. T. Smith, Joannie Stangeland, Chelsea Wagenaar, Brian Phillip Whalen, and Michele Wolf.

"In addition to being the first place of publication for 260 poets each year through our Poem-a-Day series, we are pleased to work with a variety of publications to share poems, ensuring that the curated collection we're building on reflects the breadth of American poetry being published today. We're also very happy to introduce our readers to the multiplicity of excellent print journals publishing poets, including The Southern Review," said Jennifer Benka, executive director of the Academy of American Poets.

Journals interested in working with to extend their digital reach are encouraged to contact Mary Gannon, Associate Director/Director of Content at [email protected].

Visit The Southern Review poetry sampler on

Each poem also exists in our collection:

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About The Southern Review

Founded in 1935 on the campus of Louisiana State University, The Southern Review publishes distinct literary voices from around the world that both evoke the innovation of its founders, Robert Penn Warren and Cleanth Brooks, and respond to the diversity of its contemporary readership. With each new issue The Southern Review strives to discover and promote engaging, relevant, and challenging literature—including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry—and feature exciting visual art from across the South and around the globe.