Ode to Love

by Matt Morgenstern

Ah fuck
Of the swift television shows
With lovely Rusts and Jacobs
With prophesied Apatows and Chens
And all and all and all for he and she and it
And little muted kitten laughs
And muted little sulfur jokes
And lives like mine distressed,
And lives that shine disarrayed,
Everything storming and colluding in 10
Serial appointments like slancing rain
Like cotton bouncing trenches
Like skies falling from wooden smiles
Everything away and torn in silky hope
In a California phasing sweater
In a thousand expanses singing an openness
A hope! A coarse hope like the summer day feather,
Oh Love, take eyes from the fools and see,
May I not open my arms expressively!
The Romantics did and were laughed at
By those cynics in blue!
Ah fuck
What cynics in blue

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