Vermillion Bird

by Randall Taylor

Many wonder why the caged bird sings.
Much like why the Rose is able to rise from the concrete.
The Bird does not see the cage as its concrete.
But the Rose did see the concrete as its cage.
The notes the Bird sings creates the roots for the Rose.
The Bird does not chirp violently and it does not peck at the cage.
The Bird only calls for joy as its wings spread,
singing as the vines of the Rose grow and its petals sprout.
The melody seeps through the cracks of the concrete that was once the space in between the cage bars.
The Caged Bird sings while the Rose grows.
The Rose becomes the Bird’s melody and story.
The Caged Bird sings because the Rose is still growing.
The Rose has reached the sky that the Bird dreams of.
No longer imprisoned.
This is why the Caged Bird sings.

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