Epistle from the Fence

by Maya E. McKenzie

To all those boys I’ve taken to my bed
and who’ve had the gall to yet ask for more—
or worse, thought me unfaithful lest
I choose a side. No—I’ll not have your either/or;
I’ll kiss a girl, or two—or neither;
string violets through my hair, take anyone’s hand
so long as it please me (or please him; or please her!).
Ask me “either/or?” No. I am both/and. 
To all the girls, same goes for you. Demand not
my gold star; ask not for receipts. Just this:
to think any love sullied me, you think amiss.
To those I’ll yet know, let this not be forgot:
when I love, I love with open palms,
speak plainly, give all, take none. So be calm.