Admission File #501

by Patrick Winters

I'm Daffy-Without-the-Duck, my friend,

And my fellow Looney Tunes flock about me.

I'm Larry Lucid, though the name's paralegally changed,

And my personalities can't recall what it once was.

I'm the Purloiner of Pills, and the results do vary —

The Friday ones don't make me fall, but they make me trip.

I'm the Watch of the Ward, on nights when the Moon coos,

Though I know she's a hussy that gets around.

I'm the Dancer of Ditties, down through the halls

And 'round Mrs. Dunlap who drools in her chair.

I'm Señor Sedación, the life of the fiesta until

Johnny and Ralph's needles bring me a siesta.


....I'm fucking nuts, and

I'm never getting out of here....

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