by Emma K. Shibley
will you stop one day and 
not fly south lake ward if i 
ask you too will you wring 
my shame from my arms if 
i am ever wed in a dance the 
fam will cry at and i will fog 
frost from mourn to bite if a 
tear is shed. i want us to be 
good friends though you’ll 
throw​ me ​a ​street​ car​ named ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 
irascibility and call it home 
roam thru gloam keys hello 
the house! we are here with 
bags in tow but don’t turn 
on the lights yet first take 
a smoke break post a big 
grin like fence goblin in a 
mask miss your niece call 
your kin leave no mail take 
back the deed but don’t tell 
her say each day this a place 
too damn big to take care of 
til mom cave and leaves cave 
full of years for nice small it’s 
so close to the high way meant 
one years from now i will not 
come home for break i won’t 
need to i will have a studio a 
tiny bay of wind for my own 
self. though i will miss you i 
will not want to know what 
i will miss there with your 
loud voice i can not undo 
but please come still too 
shows hear me sing i’ll 
be sad blonde thing if 
you don’t you are my 
soft bald pops after 
This poem previously appeared in Inklings Arts & Letters.