The Judgement

by Yuliani Sutedjo
The quiet, the stare
The crowd, the audience
Their eyes like a tiger chasing you down
Moving quick and quiet,
the moment they see you they hunt you 
with their sweet, sweet, thoughts
Filled with judgement, hatred, racism
walking down the isle, 
they glare, 
Who is this person?
Their thoughts go on and wander again.
Around and around,
the world fell into this broken gap,
like a coin that got spun and tossed.
Everything ended up black and white,
became head or tail.
The reality becomes invisible, 
vulnerable, unbelievable. 
Such a coldhearted society, 
a tradition that will never change.
The truth, if no one stands up and speaks up
To fight and live in the moment
Nobody would love to share
their dark secret inside their soul
that yearns to come out.
The fear of being rejected
of Nobody will support me
Keep running wild—
Faster than the wind—
Break the pieces of my heart
till I can’t stand to be silent
And I scream,
I need to be LOUDER
So that my voice will be heard
and my story will be told
For I am standing up here
to live in the moment
to live my life to the fullest
to tell you the truth
To motivate you and to guide you
I’ll not let judgment control me
I’ll hike the mountain, and keep challenging myself
Up and down, I’ll endure it, and I’ll persevere
Until I reach the top!