All In the Screen

by Emperatriz Ung

her breasts on the computer screen screams. ask father. what does rape mean? something so violent. yellow dress, dirt floor all in the screen. waves of light mediated through technology. her breasts excite. real, she is on the screen. untouchable moans, moans. desk in the living room / office / store. the chair the office chair. his lap. the sound the buzz arouse memories of the screen the lights.

See writing prompt: Childhood involved parents, parenting norms, power located in the body, a space before you were.

Beyond sense in the body, unnerved. RAINN calls the line reels the problem. No service to reach. Pin strikes across skin--goosebump danger fills stomach with coke. Gifts that keep silence: gel pens, VHS mermaids, skittles to give away. Exchange. Exchange words. Exchange thoughts. Exchange methods of cruelty. Hold on to that first bra. Prepubescent exposure to pornography. Because you want it you want it you want it. Soft skin of the penis. Because you want it you want it you want it. Smashed control panel. Nothing that MS-DOS can’t fix. Future exposure laments the computer screen unscreened borders of the body mind. Cyborg of the 90s eat up all the sci-fi you want. No prison waits for you. Laid lips on a woman for the first time. Because you want it because you want it because you want it. Carpal tunnel wrists tingle, unnerve the site of discomfort in the body.

breasts scream something so violent--father. all in the screen. waves excite, moan. his lap buzzes. so much childhood located in a space impure, unchaste. crime is holy
at the root. an ancient relationship threatens. carry off poems from earth. transcend destruction. run from all the violence, cruelty. redeem brevity intended to excite widespread culture. the theme falls prey. operate from an instance of trouble, remedy inferior passions on that wall.


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